[sword-devel] FUTURE DIRECTION

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Mon Aug 14 10:46:34 MST 2006

A couple tiny notes:

Troy A. Griffitts wrote:
> Here are my 'whats'...
> Completion of VerseTreeKey class to support exposing a genbook as a Bible.

As we move Bibles to TreeKeys, I think it would also be a great idea to 
move LD modules to TreeKeys. Between taking a course in lexicography and 
working with more and more varied dictionaries in the last year than I 
would care to enumerate, I've realized that a simple list of sorted keys 
doesn't really suffice for "real" dictionaries. Using TreeKeys would 
permit placing keys out of sort order (i.e. in the order that the print 
dictionary actually uses) and would permit sub-entries occurring as 
child entries to a main entry.

> Expanded support for references.  Currently sword support only generic 
> (not tied to a specific module) Bible references.  Additional support 
> for generic references of any type (Bible.KJV:John.3.16,
> Person:Paul.of.Tarsus, Strongs:G1591).  Additional support for
> references to a specific sword module name 
> (Bible.KJV at KJV2003:John.3.16).  Which might fall back to another module
> if the user didn't have the specific module installed.

I believe Logos (or maybe Libronix) has a whitepaper on this issue that 
might be worth reading, especially by anyone planning to actually 
implement this.


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