[sword-devel] crashing

Karl Kleinpaste karl at charcoal.com
Thu Aug 3 07:47:00 MST 2006

"Reg Kennedy" <regiken at dnainternet.net> writes:
> Using Ubuntu DApper - Gnome Sword starts OK but it stalls when I try to  
> refresh Crosswire to download modules.

gnomesword has a number of bugs related to preferences setting, the
install manager, and just plain crashing when moving from verse to
verse.  If you're interested in taking part in moving it farther
along, see http://gnomesword.sourceforge.net, find the mailing list
references, and start some discussion there in either the -users or
-developers list.

(What GS release is in Ubuntu?  FC5 has 2.1.6; 2.1.7 is in SVN.)

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