[sword-devel] New Stuff for Testing

Karl Kleinpaste karl at charcoal.com
Wed Aug 2 08:40:42 MST 2006

Pierre Benz <pbenz at imaginet.co.za> writes:
> Okay...still no luck here for me. In summary, the problem is that I
> still seem to be getting a lot of debugging info ( or something ) when
> running a simple diatheke command. I have run sword-1.5.8 and everything
> works fine here. 
> when I upgrade to sword SVN, and rerun the same command I get:
> VerseKey::Book: Genesis does not have a matching toupper abbrevs entry!
> book number returned was: -1(0)

I had exactly this problem with sword svn when there were spare bits
of the older sword still in place; something (I don't know exactly
what) confused sword about the location of things it expects to find.
Going through very carefully to remove _everything_ sword-related from
my system, then re-building sword svn from scratch, made it work OK.

I'm running Linux (FC5).  I had to make sure that all was gone from
/usr/share/sword, /usr/lib/*sword*, /usr/lib/pgkconfig/sword.pc,
/usr/bin/<all the sword utils>, /usr/include/sword, ...

When I rebuilt, I also let it build --prefix=/usr/local.

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