[sword-devel] Hebrew locale

Martin Gruner mg.pub at gmx.net
Wed Sep 28 00:58:44 MST 2005

Hello Sameh,

> I wanted to ask if you tried this locale file with BibleCS or BibleTime? I
> am trying to write an Arabic locale file for sometime now. My locale file
> caues random access violation errors in BibleCS when I swich between books
> or chapters.

Well, I can confirm that your locale works in BibleTime, but only for the NT 
part. You have to add the neccessary entries in the [Book Abbrevs] section 
for the OT. Please do that and send the file again, I'll check and include it 
in SVN once it works.

> I noticed that your locale file causes the same errors. I wonder if this is
> a bug in the SWORD library, in BibleCS or in the locale files? IMHO, there
> is some prblem in the code that parses unicode locale files.

If the Hebrew locale causes these errors, then there is a bug with 
UTF8-handling or RTL display in BibleCS.

Thanks for you effort, I think this will be nice for the many Arabic-speaking 
people. God bless,


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