[sword-devel] BDB?

jhphx jhphx at cox.net
Sun Sep 25 13:13:19 MST 2005

Dickinson Smith wrote:

><note disclaimer="IANAL">...

> If an individual or
>group had legally obtained them, they became a
>"reliance party". 
I am not sure what you intended with that statement. As I understand it, 
"reliance party" has to do with making and distributing new copies. 
Under the right conditions a reliance party can continue to make new 
copies without needing to get permission. When copyrights were restored 
(in some countries the copyrights were never lost) on certain works some 
parties making copies at that time became reliance parties. If you did 
not become a reliance party when the copyright to a work was restored 
you can not become one for that work now. There is no copy of a work 
with a restored copyright that you can get and use it to become a 
reliance party.

I don't know the copyright history of BDB, so I have no idea if it ever 
had copyright restored. It would have had to have been a foreign work 
that lost copyright because of some technical reason like, no copyright 
statement (which was not needed in other countries and is no longer 
required in the US).


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