[sword-devel] KJV has some VERY looooong verses

Aaron Marten arm at marten.us
Fri Sep 23 19:01:35 MST 2005

I noticed many problems with this module as well (especially many verses
with completely invalid/unparsable XML tags, e.g. <note/>Some text</note>). 

Are there any plans to fix this module? How would one go about doing that?
After downloading and running BibleDesktop/JSword for the first time, it
leaves a bad taste in the user's mouth seeing apparently random text
floating around in God's Word. I would be happy to help assist in cleaning
this module up.

	Aaron Marten

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These are encoded incorrectly. As is most of the NT for the module.

Lynn Allan wrote:

>Just wondering, the KJV module has several verses that seem
>excessively looooong. Perhaps I am mistaken, but
>Mark 1:9 is over 15,000 characters loooooong,
>Rev 3:12 and Rev 20:4 are over 4000 chars long.
>Matt 5:22 is over 3000 chars long.
>Is this intended, or perhaps there are redundant nested tags?

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