[sword-devel] BibleCS Installer

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Thu Sep 22 12:28:44 MST 2005

	I've not looked at the installer since I sent the email.  I would LOVE 
for your help on this.  I only used the eclipse wizard to get me 
started.  They also supply a highlighting code editor and popup hint 
help for NSIS functions.

	Thanks for your input!


Lynn Allan wrote:
> Troy,
> I've used the NSIS installer a fair amount, although with "native 1.x"
> scripting rather than with Eclipse. I was able to get setup.nsi to
> compile and run, and wanted to check if you have resolved your
> questions before looking closer.
>>There are a few things missing:
>>    Launch Readme.txt and wait for close BEFORE launching
> InstallManager.exe
> NSIS has the .onInstSuccess standard routine that may help. You may
> want to invoke InstallManager.exe with this (below code also
> illustrates dealing with SWORD_PATH environment variable):
> Function .onInstSuccess
>   ClearErrors
>   ReadEnvStr $R0 SWORD_PATH
>   MessageBox MB_OK "LcdBible ver ${VERSION_DISPLAY} (${DATE_DISPLAY})
> \
>   $\r$\nMini Tutorial for new users: \
>   $\r$\n1. *********** LcdBible info goes here *******************. \
>   $\r$\nFeedback appreciated: LcdBible_at_yahoogroups.com \
>   $\r$\nSWORD_PATH should be set. Currently = $R0 \
>   $\r$\n \
>   $\r$\nLcdBible will start as soon as you click on the 'OK' button.\
>   $\r$\nEnjoy! LcdBible is 'freeware' (no charge)"
>   Exec $INSTDIR\LcdBible.exe
> FunctionEnd
>>    Registry keys correct so Windows Module self-installers
> (website,
>>module download, windows) know where to unzip themselves.
>>    Uninstaller successfully launching "$INSTDIR/InstallManager.exe
>>-uninstall" to uninstall all modules
> Are these still unresolved? I can perhaps help ... also, there is an
> extraordinarily active and helpful NSIS installer forum that I've
> found incredibly valuable.
> http://forums.winamp.com/forumdisplay.php?s=&forumid=65
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