[sword-devel] German Bible module update (beta area)

Joachim Ansorg nospam+sword-devel at joachim-ansorg.de
Wed Sep 14 23:36:56 MST 2005

Hi Will,

> It seems to work fine in MacSword. The about info seems corrupt but
> this is probably an encoding thing.
> However I'm unable to get the chapter introductions to show at all.
> Can anyone show me how to get them. I've been looking at BibleTime's
> code but I can't quite get it to work in MacSword. Also it'd be
> useful to know what they should say.

I put an image which shows the Gen1 intro to 
http://www.joachim-ansorg.de/images/sword/bt-intro.jpg. The Same intro is in 
Matthew 1.

The code in BT is kind of a hack, because we don't use module->getKey() as 
Troy shows in the example. Our key classes set themselfe to the module once 
the content is aquired. And then the Heading info is lost. So we have to set 
Headings all the time =) It was no pleasure to do that in our backend (which 
is ugly, old and messy code, btw).
If you need more details please let me know.

The info is in UTF-8 because it contains umlauts. I guess the best is to 
encode the config in the same encoding as the module.

Be blessed,
<>< Re: deemed

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