[sword-devel] Re: [bt-devel] http://www.bibleserver.com plugin?

Daniel Glassey dglassey at gmail.com
Wed Sep 14 12:35:21 MST 2005

On 14/09/05, Jonathon Blake <jonathon.blake at gmail.com> wrote:
> Greg wrote:
> > biblegateway.com able to provide access to copyrighted texts?
> They have an agreement with the publisher of the material.  [Which is
> why so much of it is public domain.]
> > Would that be a breach of copyright laws?
> If it were simply  browser, then it shouldn't be.  If it does any type
> of format shifting, then it potentially violates the DMCA.

And if it is simply a browser then what value do you add to just using
your favourite web browser to browser those sites?


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