[sword-devel] module creator

Daniel Glassey dglassey at gmail.com
Tue Sep 6 06:28:23 MST 2005

On 06/09/05, William Canfield <canfield at nord-com.net> wrote:
> I have written a small application which could help some in creating modules
> for Sword. It is designed as a simple html editor with syntax highlighting.
> New divisions can be entered at the click of a button and the module can be
> converted to a sword module with tree index etc also at the click of a
> button. I still have to write documentation, but I can provide a simply
> how-to for those who are interested. I have used to create some of my own
> modules and found it to work quite well in converting ThML. 
> If there is any interest in such a tool, let me know and I will make it
> available. 

There is definitely interest! Is there any chance it is portable and
cross-platform (or could easily be made so)?


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