[sword-devel] Libswordvc71d.lib

Manu Mital mmital at vt.edu
Thu Sep 1 04:12:41 MST 2005

I am trying to use Libswordvc71d.lib library in a Visual Studio 7.0 MFC
project. I added the library to my project and specified it in additional
dependencies using Project Properties --> Linker --> Input --> additional
dependencies. I also added all header files into the project. In the file
stdafx.h, I included "rawtext.h".  However, the following line of code does
not compile:   

RawText webster("modules/texts/rawtext/webster/", "Webster", "Webster

I get a "missing storage-class or type specifier" error, even though RawText
class has been defined in the header file "rawtext.h". Thanks for any help.


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