[sword-devel] Arabic Translation

See7a sameh.nabil at gmail.com
Tue May 31 14:45:10 MST 2005


Thank you for your effort and for the speedy reply.

Unfortunately, The file you sent me still does not work; I still get
the same access violation error. Can anyone else please test it on
BibleCS? I wanted to try it in bibletime on my ubuntu box, butI didn't
know where to put the file :$.

Thanks again,

On 5/31/05, Joachim Ansorg <nospam+sword-devel at joachim-ansorg.de> wrote:
> Hi Sameh,
> thank you very much for your work! We really appreciate that and hope that we
> can improve our support for more languages.
> > Is this related to something wrong in my file? I personally don't
> > think so, as the problem does not have a fixed scenario that causes it
> > to occur. Could it be a bug in SWORD or BibleCS ?
> I tested it in BibleTime (a Linux program for Sword) and noticed a few
> problems in your file.
> -The english abbrevs need to be in the [Book Abbrevs] section so that the
> english abbrevs will still work
> -The definition is "abbrev"=book number, you used "book number"="abbrev".
> I fixed that and attached that file. It works now in BibleTime and hopefully
> will in Windows, too. I also removed the start characters before the Meta
> section, I remember it's something like a unicode file marker?
> Let me know how it works,
> Joachim
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