[sword-devel] Gill Commentary

Jeffrey C.Long jeff at jeffreyclong.com
Tue May 17 12:02:27 MST 2005

Does anyone on this list have the Gill Commentary that was formatted 
for the Sword Project.  I use Gill a lot, but have to rely on CCEL for 
it an thus don't have it when I'm offline unless I make a copy of it.

I'm aware that there were some copyright concerns about it due to the 
difficulty of working with the author of the Online Bible.  I also know 
from reading those posts from a few years back that most don't consider 
his claim to copyright to be valid.

So my interest is two-fold.  Could someone ftp the commentary to me so 
that I could use it personally?

Second, I would be interested in personally hosting the file for 
download, taking the legal chips where they land.  This would allow the 
file to be available without jeopardizing the Sword project.

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