[sword-devel] Problem with bdertl.lib

Barry Drake b.drake at ntlworld.com
Tue May 17 01:53:33 MST 2005

Hi Roberto ..........

Roberto Corradi wrote:

> I have problem with BC++6 and the library bdertl.lib. When I compile 
> my projec it shown:  Linker Faal Error Fatal: Unable to open file 

You need to start from BibleCS and use only the swordprj.bpg in the biblecs\CBuilder6 directory you ought to get no build errors at all.  If you still get errors when using the swrdprj.bpg I will need to know a lot more about your setup.  What path and directory you are using, and where you have biblecs, sword and icu-sword placed.  They all need to by below the same directory for a build to work.

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