[sword-devel] Re: Importing from biblegateway.com

JH hastings at dancris.com
Sun May 15 08:09:27 MST 2005

Jack Lewis wrote:

>Disclaimer: IANAL.
Same here.

>Reverse engeering for compatability is legal in the United States and
>Europe.  Examples include Samba, WINE, Accolade vs. Sega, Linux (from
>UNIX), Kaffe (from Java).  Here is some info:
As I understand it, (I have not looked into this in a while and the law 
may have changed, I hope it did) while it is in some cases legal to 
reverse engineer, it is not legal to circumvent an accesses control. 
There was not even an exclusion to the law for public domain texts, 
which was discussed when exclusions were considered. So, if the software 
that the work is accessed through can be considered to have an access 
control, circumventing that access control by reverse engineering would 
not be legal.


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