[sword-devel] WHACD

anthony kerr anton_kylie at pacific.net.au
Sun May 15 05:52:37 MST 2005

Hi guys

Just in case anyone thinks it is important, I think a bug 
report I sent through a few weeks ago may have slipped 
through the cracks.

The Bible Tool in Konqueror 3.4 had problems with accents 
not showing up for the trial version of the WH greek text.

Both precomposed and the non precomposed versions didn't 
work, and it seemed to be a font selection issue. I 
trialled many unicode fonts for all available font settings 
in Konqueror and all to no effect.

I have since checked with mozilla firefox using the same 
machine and same config and firefox shows both versions 

I prefer Konqueror and others also might prefer it, and will 
be frustrated with this bug. Is it a bug with Konqueror or 
The Bible Tool CSS?


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