[sword-devel] 1.5.8RC2

Lynn Allan l_d_allan at adelphia.net
Fri May 13 07:51:27 MST 2005

From: "Chris Little" <chrislit at crosswire.org>
> The library and diatheke now build & diatheke runs correctly, using
> 6 and 7.1.

Thanks. Much better.

If it would help, I put together a series of vc6 .dsp project files
for sword\examples\cmdline and sword\tests. Also, I incorporated some
changes in some of the usage messages to hopefully make it a little
clearer what the cmdline expects. In addition, there is a vc7.1
project for showchapter.cpp

I found the .cpp programs in examples\cmdline and tests useful in
getting up-to-speed with the sword-api ... can be much easier to
"step-thru and step-into" with a console app than a gui like biblecs
... especially for vc7 and vc7.1 users

Some other suggestions:

* Pls save libsword.sln with libsword.vcproj (it's generated, but
could throw off newbies when first thing vc7.1 does is ask whether to
save libsword.sln)

* Pls revise diatheke to allow it to run without arguments. It can be
less than obvious to figure out the cmdline to get it to run . (or
perhaps detect -help or /? and make substitutes if this would throw
off apps that use diatheke for real work?)
int main(int argc, char **argv)
   if (argc == 1) {
      outputencoding = FMT_PLAIN;
      text = "KJV";
      ref = "James 1:19";
      runquery = RQ_BOOK | RQ_REF;
   if (runquery == (RQ_BOOK | RQ_REF)) {
      doquery( .... );
      else printsyntax();

   return 0;

* tests\modtest.cpp references RWP ... KJV probably more likely to

* tests\parsekey.cpp doesn't work any longer ... obsolete call to
 VerseKey *element = dynamic_cast<VerseKey *>(verses.GetElement(i));

* tests\swbuftest ... won't compile with vc6 ... redefinition of j
may hang when running ... runs a looooong time

* examples\cmdline\lookup and search ... usage gives example

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