[sword-devel] Samoan translation

Michael Riversong mriversong at earthlink.net
Wed May 11 04:07:22 MST 2005

As a sort of temporary solution, maybe this would help.  I've collected
a few Bible translations onto what is now a standardized CD.  Haven't
found good software yet, but this will at least give something.  If you
can copy the CD, then it would at least be a set of basic texts.  These
CDs are currently being distributed to other Christian schools (i'm a
teacher at a small Christian school here in Cheyenne) and students. 
Everything on them is public domain or GPL.

I've noticed that in Linux, it is easy to bring up HTML, PDF, and text
files on screen and search individual files, meaning in this case
individual books of the Bible.  Only in PDF format can you get the
entire Bible displayed for searches, and it's slow.

Not familiar with the Yoper distro -- wondering what word processing and
desktop software is included.  I've done searches on individual books
using standard Linux tools such as Abi Word, KWord, KDE desktop, and
sometimes Gnome desktop.

Let me know what your address is.  I could send out a CD within the next
few days from here.

On Wed, 2005-05-11 at 04:17, Tupuola From Pacificflair wrote:
> Talofa (greetings) members,
> My name is Tupuola from Pacificflair.  I wrote some time ago and had just realised that it bounced as I receive numerous emails.
> Below is the contents of my last email:
> My name is Tupuola and the reason why I write (and signed up) is because our company is rolling out thousands of ex-leased pc's throughout the country (New Zealand) to low income families targeting Pacific families.  Our pc's are linux based (Yoper distro) operating systems only.  With each pc, we want to have the Bible or a Bible software installed as we need to use this medium to spread the word.  I don't attend a particular church or have a spiritual life but I know that the answers are in that black book that my father read everyday.
> We are shipping thousands of pc's to the Pacific nations very soon with 'voip' pre-installed for less expensive communications etc. 
> The purpose is to 'lift the bar' for Pacific Nations people and to remind people that there are answers to why we are created.  We are getting tired of being labled 'low decile' etc as well.  With a Bible software installed and our ongoing translations, this will draw people close to God and the pc for better development. 
> We are based at Samoa Capital radio station (in Wellington NZ) and developing glossary of terms for Pacific nations starting with the Samoa language and then moving onto other Pacific languages.
> Questions: 
> Is there a linux based Bible software available? prefebly free? 
> Can we assist with translations of the Bible? if so, how?
> Sorry for the long email folks.  
> Can someone please contact me asap to progress this.
> Keep up the good work!

-- Michael Riversong
Teacher, Musician, Bard
Cheyenne, Wyoming

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