[sword-devel] BCP6 build error (now its my...)

Lynn Allan l_d_allan at adelphia.net
Tue May 3 08:33:46 MST 2005

I'm trying to rebuild libswordvc6d.lib using VC6 and encountering
problems. Am I doing something wrong? Are vc6 and vc7.1 still
supported as far as building libswordvc#.lib?

The libsword.dsp has the same problem referenced in the bcp6 email
below ... obsolete reference to swsourcemgr.cpp
Could someone please update the libsword.dsp in svn?

Also, it appears that the reference to swsourcemgr.cpp was removed
from libsword6.bpf in svn, but not from libsword6icu.bpf

Other problems with vc6:
stringmgr.cpp  ... should it be part of libsword.dsp? It's in
libsword6.bpf (and I believe is needed to compile some of the test

rawtext doesn't compile with vc6 (but ok with vc7.1) ... unable to
resolve references to "access" "lseek"  "write"

swmodule.cpp doesn't compile with vc6 or vc7.1 ... unable to resolve
references to "S_IREAD" "S_IWRITE"

Also, the diatheke.dsp seems to still assume it is located in its
former place:
It is unable to resolve #include references because it seems to be off
by "...\", and then when those are fixed, it has the same "off by ..\"
with trying to resolve libswordvc.lib

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> Christopher,
> Apologies again.  This .cpp file isn't needed in the build of the
> engine.  You should be able to safely remove it.  I'll check the
> files for both BCB6 and 5 and remove the entry.

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