[sword-devel] 1 bug left for 1.5.8

Daniel Glassey danglassey at ntlworld.com
Thu Mar 31 15:28:02 MST 2005

> ATM morph entry attributes are only parsed for certain markup types,
> not for all. Please make this work consistently, as BibleTime makes
> use of the EntryAttributes Search, and it would be nice if the next
> version had full support for it. Thanks!
> All  	 Comments  	 Change History Comment by Troy A Griffitts
> [20/Mar/05 01:15 PM] 	[ Permlink ] Martin, Could you comment further
> on this issue. I thought we fixed this in Cambridge. Let me know
> specifically what needs fixed.
> Comment by Martin Gruner [23/Mar/05 04:07 AM] 	[ Permlink ] well, it
> id definitely not fixed yet. Morph entry attribute parsing seems to
> work partly in OSIS:
> lookup KJV "Gen 1:1"
> looks correct. But
> lookup KJV "John 1:1"
> shows that the OSIS filters don`t parse morph stuff in the NT.
> lookup RST "John 1:1" (similar with LXX)
> shows that GBF filters don`t parse it at all, and the stron`s entry
> attribute are partly messed up (contain the morph codes as well).
> lookup TR "John 1:1"
> shows that in ThML the parsing is incorrect (afaict, the text
> fields).
> Thus EntryAttribute parsing is basically broken for morph codes atm.
> If this is to be a public interface of the API, it should be fixed.
> I would personally appreciate it a lot, I think searching for Morph
> codes is a neat feature that enables lay persons to interact with the
> grammar of the original documents without knowing the original
> language itself. Dunno how much work fixing this would be, perhaps it
> is just a few lines that contain mistakes?

This is the details of the only bug left in the library for 1.5.8. If 
this bug isn't important enough please move it to a future release. If 
anyone can fix it please do. If there are any library bugs that aren't 
in the tracker please put them there or 1.5.8 will be released without a 


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