[sword-devel] Re: Introducing BibleMemorizer

Jeremy Erickson jerickson314 at users.sourceforge.net
Wed Mar 23 16:55:23 MST 2005

"So if you want to write a non-copylefted application, release it under
the X11 license, and link it with a GPL-covered library, that is
allowed. The linked executable would be covered by the GPL, of
course, but the app source code would be covered by the X11 license

-Richard Stallman, allegedly on the Gnome mailing list (though Googling turns 
up only quotations, not the original).

At http://www.gnu.org/licenses/info/BSD_2Clause.html the FSF officially 
documents 2-clause BSD-style licenses as GPL compatible.  In fact, I believe 
the Linux kernel may have code used under 3-clause BSD licenses.  The only 
claim of incompatibility I have seen is at:


I have the following notice in my code, after the license:

/* The following notice is solely informational.  It is neither legal advice
 * nor part of the license.
 * Please note that although this code is released under a BSD license, it
 * might link with programs released under the GNU General Public License.
 * These might include Sword and/or the Windows edition of Qt.  Due to the
 * terms of the GPL, binaries of any program which is linked to software
 * covered by the GPL must be released under the GPL.  This is permitted
 * here because the BSD license allows the code to be used under other
 * licenses, including the GPL.  When linked with GPL software, the
 * resulting binary must be released under the GPL.  This restriction does
 * not apply if the code that uses GPL software is removed.

I have not added any code to use Sword yet, and the Qt use complies with the 
QPL.  Do I need to change something?  I don't want to do anything illegal...

-Jeremy Erickson

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