[sword-devel] re: Lightfoot (also Poole)

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Tue Mar 22 00:24:25 MST 2005

Barry Drake wrote:
> Regards to my earlier posting about Poole.  There seems to be an IPK 
> Poole module on the Sword site.  I unpacked that, and although dated 
> later than the one I had before, it has the same problem.  All books 
> from Esther to Malachi show the comment for Nehemiah 12:47 for every 
> chapter.  I don't know the Poole commentary apart from the Sword module 
> but had assumed that it would have contained comments for at least some 
> of the prophets.

The commentary is incomplete and we don't have anything beyond that 
point. The repeated verse is not corruption, it's from a bug in an 
importer that repeated the last valid verse for missing verses. So the 
module is complete, if unattractive. I don't remember why it was pulled, 
but my suspicion is that it was never actually released publicly.


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