[sword-devel] Lightfoot's Talmud

Barry Drake b.drake at ntlworld.com
Sun Mar 20 12:37:02 MST 2005

Hi there ...........

I looked on CCEL (I was looking for Matthew Poole's commentary - it 
isn't there).  But I spotted a wonderful resource - Lightfoot's Talmud.  
It appears to be a New Testament commentary using insights from the 
Talmud to suggest how the Jewish gospel writers might have understood 
some of the passages that they wrote.

It is available in OSIS, but although I can see clear chapter and verse 
references, it does not seem to have book references unless I'm missing 
something.  Anyway, I'm assuming that is why Osis2mod gives me a very 
nice module with no content whatsoever!  I wonder if one of you with 
much more knowledge of OSIS than I have might take a look at the work, 
and tell me what to do to add the book references if that is what is 

God bless,

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