[sword-devel] language of module descriptions

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Sat Mar 19 14:31:50 MST 2005

This was how things developed and has since been the intentional format. 
English and original language texts get no language prefix. Other texts 
get a prefix consisting of the first three letters of the language name 
in English. A few modules (usually Bibles in languages that are unlikely 
to have multiple translations) the name of the language in English is 
used as the module name.

I would like to keep this system. However, we could add a new field to 
.confs (e.g. DisplayName) that contains a name for display to users. So 
"GerLut" might have a DisplayName of "Luther" or "Luther (some year)", 
etc. It need not be limited to one word like the module names.


Martin Gruner wrote:
> Another, perhaps related, issue. A number of our modules has no prefixed name 
> (mainly English, Greek, Hebrew, Latin), and others have a prefixed name, but 
> not with the 2-Letter standard Locale code (e.g. GerLut instead of Lut-DE or 
> DE-Lut). Was this intentional or is it just how things developed? Perhaps we 
> can drop the prefix entirely, with the availablity of the language entries in 
> the module conf files?
> mg
> Am Samstag, 19. März 2005 00:41 schrieb Daniel Glassey:
>>Being an English speaker it wasn't obvious, but all the works (also
>>known as modules) descriptions are in English. Surely the descriptions
>>should be in the language of the people who will use the works?
>>Here's what I suggest. For any new modules or modules that are changed,
>>or modules that people want to change this for:
>>make a new Description in the language of the module
>>rename the old conf field to Description_en
>>make sure both descriptions mean the same thing ;)
>>This mechanism allows descriptions to be made in other languages if
>>people really want e.g. Description_de
>>The Description_en is probably necessary as I guess not all frontends
>>would be able to handle unicode descriptions.
>>It is not a priority to change old modules but I think it would be a
>>good policy for new modules.
>>Another thing that would be useful is an About_en (at least from my
>>point of view trying to understand the copyright details of modules).
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