[sword-devel] swordweb javascript

Lynn Allan l_d_allan at adelphia.net
Thu Mar 10 08:43:33 MST 2005

Am I doing something wrong?  ...

I tried looking at several pages with IE 6, but nothing shows up. I
turned on javascript, shut down IE 6 and looked at the "View Source".
I'm not finding any definitions but a lot of empty <a href=""></a>
where definitions would seem to be. Is this just to have
"placeholders"? Or a problem with IE6? Am I looking in the wrong

Something that might apply ... years ago, I did some experimental
pages for the Evangelism Explosion organization using "on hover" calls
for a Question/Answer format. I don't know if that approach might
reduce the large "footprint" problem that definitions cause. I seem to
remember that deferred loading of scripts is possible, but I never got
that experienced with javascript, so that is speculation on my part.

At that time, I had a 56kbps modem that only got about the equivalent
of 36kbps effective bandwidth. I think "bloated pages" are a big
problem with many websites whose developers have broadband and don't
experience how long it takes the "pretty pages" to show up for real
end-users .... especially outside of the USA and western Europe.

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