[sword-devel] Searching and Lucene thoughts

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 2 19:20:13 MST 2005

Will Thimbleby wrote:

> On 2 Mar 2005, at 12:45 am, DM Smith wrote:

>> <snip/>
>>> Restricting of searches:
>>> Again another area that is essential for speed to do in lucene. I 
>>> haven't figured this one out yet, but I'm thinking I will write a 
>>> custom lucene filter. Which would be much faster if I stored the 
>>> verse as an index, and then produced a set of numerical ranges. For 
>>> searching in the previous results, you should (I've been told) 
>>> simply AND the searches together. I don't support these yet, and it 
>>> is probably quite some work, -- it would probably only take 10s of 
>>> searching time to retrofit it ontop of lucene, but that is 10s ontop 
>>> of nothing.
>> The search speed of lucene is fast enough that restricting the search 
>> is not necessary. Using the BitSet does not add appreciable time. It 
>> is easy enough to create a mask and AND that with the search results 
>> to get the restricted answer set.
> How do you use your BitSet? I like it at the moment where I don't 
> access the document information at all until it is displayed. This 
> means I can do live-searching (as the user types) for even large 
> searches like "and".
The verse reference is "stored" as "key" along with "indexing" the verse 
as "content".
When the verse reference is gotten out of the hit, it is converted into 
a verse index. This is then stored in the BitSet.
When we get it out we convert it back into a friendly version of the 
verse reference.


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