[sword-devel] Searching and Lucene thoughts

Vonnahme, Nathan nathan.vonnahme at bannerhealth.com
Wed Mar 2 18:11:10 MST 2005

> Here are some things Accordance does: -- it just seems over 
> complicated 
> to me (I can't see how some of the features would ever be used other 
> than tedious academic research)
> It can search within: verse, chapter, clause, sentance, 
> paragraph, book
> You can specify tags for: stem, aspect, person, gender, number, state
> Examples:
> creat* <FOLLOWED BY> <WITHIN 10 WORDS> earth <NOT> made
> [VERB perfect] @~~~ (hebrew chars)

Hey!  those features rock when you're doing word and idiom studies and
they're actually very exciting- In Greek and Hebrew some verbs mean
slightly different things in different cases or when used with different

Like if you were studying English written by American high school
students you might want to study the construct "go out with" in its
various conjugations "went out with", "going out with", etc. and you'd
find a particular usage that is distinct from what you get just studying
the words "go", "out" and "with".  

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