[sword-devel] Another question about the conf

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 1 20:05:52 MST 2005

There is a module that has a Category=Essays. It is the only one. When I 
look on the website under the listing of modules, I can't find it. 
(According to the jsp, it is looking for specific category types and 
"Essays" is not one of them)
Is this mis-categorized? Should it be a commentary? Or is "Essays" a 
valid category? Should the module pages list Essays?

However, the Sword InstallMgr lists it just fine. So I installed it. 
When I tried to view it the about and level2 were full of all kinds of 
codes (rtf, I think). What are level1, level2 and level3 and what are 
the codes all about?

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