[sword-devel] Importing ThML

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Sat Jul 16 18:02:51 MST 2005

David Blue (Mailing List Address) wrote:
> On Monday 11 July 2005 02:19 pm, Greg Hellings wrote:
>>xml2gbs is now the tool, if the document is to be a Generic Book, but
>>imp2vs if you want to place it under the commentary collection. Of course,
>>in order to use the imp2vs you would have to run through and enter the
>>appropriate lines to indicate the reference.
> I don't have an xml2gbs installed anywhere from the svn repo. And I find it 
> odd that we would have to change thml to imp format to be able to import a 
> module. And what happened to thml2mod anyway?

xml2gbs is included in the SVN repository. thml2mod has never existed. 
Maybe you're thinking of thml2gbs, which was the basis of xml2gbs.

It has never been the case that ThML commentaries could be imported 
directly to Sword format. I think ThML is suitable for free form books, 
which is why we have the xml2gbs tool. But there is no way to predict 
the layout of a ThML text that would make it possible to import a ThML 
commentary into the rather strict format required by Sword commentaries 
& Bibles.


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