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Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Sat Jul 9 09:58:14 MST 2005

All 'worship' or similar in NASB NT:

You can click on an occurrence of 'worship' in the result list to 
highlight all occurrences of that same Greek word in the result list.  
If you see an unhighlighted 'worship', it was from a different original 
language stem and you can click on that to see what it is.

All proskuneo:

All both proskuneo and worship~:

All proskuneo without worship~:

All worship~ without proskuneo:

Hope this helps.


jhphx wrote:

> This is off topic, but you guys are my best shot at an answer to a 
> question.
> In the NASB what are all the Greek words translated "worship" and in 
> what verses of the NASB.
> Also, list all the places that proskuneo (strong:4352 ) is the 
> translated into English, worship or otherwise, in the NASB.
> And can you list your sources.
> Thanks
> Jerry
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