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Jonathon Blake jonathon.blake at gmail.com
Fri Jul 8 19:10:24 MST 2005

Jhphx wrote:

> This is off topic, but you guys are my best shot at an answer to a question.

> In the NASB what are all the Greek words translated "worship" and in what verses of the NASB.

Gen_22:5; Gen_47:31; Exo_3:12; Exo_12:31; Exo_20:5; Exo_23:24;
Exo_24:1; Exo_33:10; Exo_34:8; Exo_34:14; Deu_4:19; Deu_5:9; Deu_6:13;
Deu_8:19; Deu_11:16; Deu_26:10; Deu_30:17; Jdg_7:15; 1Sa_1:3;
1Sa_15:25; 1Sa_15:30; 1Ki_9:6; 1Ki_12:30; 2Ki_5:18; 2Ki_18:22;
1Ch_16:29; 1Ch_16:36; 2Ch_7:19; 2Ch_29:19; 2Ch_32:12; Neh_12:45;
Psa_2:11; Psa_22:27; Psa_22:29; Psa_29:2; Psa_66:4; Psa_81:9;
Psa_84:1; Psa_86:9; Psa_95:6; Psa_96:1; Psa_96:9; Psa_97:7; Psa_99:5;
Psa_99:9; Psa_132:7; Isa_2:8; Isa_2:20; Isa_19:21; Isa_19:23;
Isa_27:13; Isa_36:7; Isa_46:6; Jer_7:2; Jer_25:6; Jer_26:2; Jer_35:15;
Eze_6:1; Eze_46:2; Eze_46:3; Eze_46:9; Dan_3:5; Dan_3:6; Dan_3:7;
Dan_3:10; Dan_3:11; Dan_3:12; Dan_3:14; Dan_3:15; Dan_3:18; Dan_3:28;
Zec_14:16; Zec_14:17; Mat_2:2; Mat_2:8; Mat_4:9; Mat_4:10; Mat_15:9;
Mar_7:7; Luk_4:7; Luk_4:8; Joh_4:20; Joh_4:21; Joh_4:22; Joh_4:23;
Joh_4:24; Joh_12:20; Act_7:43; Act_8:27; Act_17:23; Act_18:13;
Act_19:27; Act_24:11; Rom_12:1; 1Co_14:25; Phi_3:3; Col_2:18; 2Th_2:4;
Heb_1:6; Heb_9:1; Heb_9:6; Rev_4:4; Rev_4:10; Rev_9:20; Rev_11:1;
Rev_13:8; Rev_13:12; Rev_13:15; Rev_14:7; Rev_14:11; Rev_15:4;
Rev_19:10; Rev_22:8; Rev_22:9;

Is a list of verses in which the word "worship" appears.

Obtained by using the search function of e-Sword, and limiting the
search to the NASB.
> Also, list all the places that proskuneo (strong:4352 ) is the translated into English, 

Mat_2:2; Mat_2:8; Mat_2:11; Mat_4:9; Mat_4:10; Mat_8:2; Mat_9:18;
Mat_14:33; Mat_15:25; Mat_18:26; Mat_20:20; Mat_28:9; Mat_28:17;
Mar_5:6; Mar_15:19; Luk_4:7; Luk_4:8; Luk_24:52; Joh_4:20; Joh_4:21;
Joh_4:22; Joh_4:23; Joh_4:24; Joh_9:38; Joh_12:20; Act_7:43; Act_8:27;
Act_10:25; Act_24:11; 1Co_14:25; Heb_1:6; Heb_11:21; Rev_3:9;
Rev_4:10; Rev_5:14; Rev_7:11; Rev_9:20; Rev_11:1; Rev_11:16; Rev_13:4;
Rev_13:8; Rev_13:12; Rev_13:15; Rev_14:7; Rev_14:9; Rev_14:11;
Rev_15:4; Rev_16:2; Rev_19:4; Rev_19:10; Rev_19:20; Rev_20:4;
Rev_22:8; Rev_22:9;

Is a list of the verses in which the word "proskuneo" is used in the
Textus Receptus.

Also obtained by using the verse search, selecting the TR this time.  
Unfortunately, the verse list function is not available in Parallel
Bible Mode.  :(

By doing the same thing --- search specific versions for a specific
word, you can create your own verse list, and cross check it against
the other versions.

Does that make sense to you?


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