[sword-devel] Translator volunteer

Joachim Ansorg junkmail at joachim.ansorgs.de
Mon Jan 31 05:28:36 MST 2005

Dear Emma,

> I would like to try the translation part ( English<-->Chinese (traditional
> and Simplified)). I have more interest on the software translation, but I
> can do other translations whenever they are required.

Thank you very much for your kind offer!
Do you want to translate the Windows software or would you also volunteer to 
translate Sword software for Linux or Mac?
So you need to choose if you'd like to translate 
 -The Windows software
 -GnomeSword for Linux (gnomesword.sf.net)
 -BibleTime for Linux (www.bibletime.info)
 -MacSword (www.macsword.com)

Let us know what you would like to do :)

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