[sword-devel] asking for software development volunteer work

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Tue Jan 25 21:02:10 MST 2005

Hi Emma and welcome to the team!

The main Sword ToDo list is at
http://crosswire.org/ucgi-bin/twiki/view/Main/SWORDTodo .

Do you have a particular area of the project that you would like to work
on? I know there is a lot of work to be done for the main Sword library
as well as the Windows frontend before we can release version 1.5.8.

Are you using Windows, Mac, or Linux, and are you interested in teaming
up with one of the groups doing front-ends for those platforms? Do you
have familiarity with any particular graphics toolkits or environments
(GTK/GNOME, Qt/KDE, wxWindows, Borland, even MFC)?

We rely on people being self-motivated and deciding for themselves where
they would like to contribute.


Emma Yu wrote:
> To Whom it may concerned,
> I get impressed by your work on Sword Project.
> I am junior software developer, and I am writing to express my interest 
> in the Sword Project and I can spare time to do the development.
> I've programming in C/C++ and other OO languages. And I really hope I 
> can contribute somewhat.
> In Christ,
> Emma Yu
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