[sword-devel] module creation howto

Gavin Rogers g4sys8u at gmail.com
Fri Jan 21 20:11:24 MST 2005

Good evening Pasor Ed,

I admire all the attempts you are going at. I am a bible college student 
about to graduate and I have been a long time user of the sword project. 
I would be glad to assist you in this endevour if you would like to 
forward all details (windoze software you want to extract files from, 
the files, copyright info) and maybe we can work together?

Just let me know if you want any aide in the matter. I do not have a TON 
of time on my hands, but the semester is still young so i'm sure i can 
find time :)


prov 4.23

Pastor Ed B. wrote:

>Hello, all.
>I have a few resources that I'd like to convert into Sword modules so
>that I can use them in Linux natively.
>Is there a HOWTO posted anywhere which gives a step by step conversion
>process on how to take a raw text file (of a commentary, for example)
>and turn it into a sword module? I have a number of resoures that were
>converted for a windows program that I don't use anymore, and I'd like
>to reconvert them for Linux use.
>Any help anyone can provide will be appreciated. Thanks, and God's best
>blessings to you all today!
>KFJ - PastorEd
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