[sword-devel] Flashgen for Flashcards

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Fri Jan 21 17:57:59 MST 2005

I just commited a new utility to the flashcards repository.  It's 
supposed to be useful for autogenerating flashcard lesson sets.

It allows input of a Translation, Scripture range, and number of words 
per lesson.

./flashgen KJV "eph" 25

It will then analize the text, collate all words and compute freq.

Procedes to look up lexical form in NasbGreek, and grabs accented Greek 

Then collates translation choices from base text (KJV in our example), 
sorts by freq and uses these as the 'back' or 'answer' for the cards.

Maybe we can make an online page from the flashcards home that prompts 
for a range and lesson count, and then autogenerates the lessonset .jar 
and sends to the user's browser for download?

Hope it's useful,

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