[sword-devel] Building Mandrake x86_64 RPMs

Brian Schroeder bandds at airnet.com.au
Sat Jan 15 05:04:55 MST 2005

Joachim Ansorg wrote:
>>Further that that last message, I haven't yet worked out how
>>to tell bibletime-i18n-1.4.1 to look for libqt-mt in
>>/usr/lib/qt3/lib64.  Still working on that one...
> I guess you could use 
>  --with-qt-libraries=/usr/lib/qt3/lib64
>>Do I actually need this package?
> It contains the translations for the program and the translated documentation.

Thanks Joachim.  Since sending that last message I managed
to compile it simply by defining LDFLAGS="-L/usr/lib/qt3/lib64"
in the environment before running "rpm -bb ...".


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