[sword-devel] Help for XPCOM Wrapper

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Thu Jan 13 21:53:08 MST 2005

	I'm excited about your work.  We've had a few people interested in 
doing an XUL frontend for SWORD, and the XPCOM wrappers will help in 
this process as well (unless that is actually what you are wanting to 
eventually do, then you'll all be interested in doing the same thing). 
There are a few good simple examples in sword/examples/cmdline and 
sword/tests.  But please feel free to post your questions.  Maybe we 
could expand the examples that come with the library.

	Blessings in your efforts,

Greg Marine wrote:
> After the VB/Mozilla control question was answered, I decided to dive 
> right into creating a cross platform front end using Mozilla's various 
> technologies and skip the proof of concept phase. So, I was wondering if 
> anyone would be able to assist me in creating an XPCOM wrapper of the 
> Sword API? I just need basic help to get me started. What I can do is 
> create the first version of the wrapper and I would just need help on 
> writing the implementation code in C++. Once I get started, I feel I can 
> expand to the full API in the following versions. The sort of help I'm 
> referring too is something like I'll define the functions and what the 
> return value type needs to be and then someone could point me in the 
> right direction for getting the function to actually do something with 
> the Sword engine. Would anyone be able and willing to take on this 
> venture with me? Any help is GREATLY appreciated.
> God Bless <><
> Greg

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