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vkaehne at doctors.org.uk vkaehne at doctors.org.uk
Wed Jan 12 15:36:11 MST 2005

Dear knowing ones,

There are a few things I am struggling just now with and wonder whether I could get some advice:

As described previously my text is some XML variety, the dump of paratext. Everything is marked up - which is good, but uses different tags than OSI - which is bad. I am in the process to change it over to osis, but as I can not yet script I must do things by hand - which is a bit grim.

q1) in an Osis prepared module do the verses need an osisID ? I reverted the Suaheli module (mod2osis) and found that only the chapters are tagged, while the verses appear to be simple a verse per line. I assume that the software counts the verses "by hand". Is this true?

q2) do the chapters need to have a complete osisID a la "Matt.1" or are there short versions possible - read in the Osis manual that a simple leading blank will be interpreted as referring to the current text, but teh refference is a bit ambiguous and not covered by an example.

q3) Currently the chapters are coded as <chapter value="1"> and the verses as <verse value="1">. A simple search and replace would need to be done at chapter level to get all verses coded or at book level to get all chapters coded properly, but a e.g. sed script would probably do this in a minute for the whole book.  Are there some sample scripts about which would do the above, which I could adapt? Also a regex would probably cover this but I am clueless in these too.

q4) the Bible is obviously in unicode with intermittent changes from l->r and r->l. The - to me - odd result of this is that each verse follows following scheme "<verse value="1"></verse> edhfoo fgfuwgfp " with teh text trailing the end marker. At least this what I see when I open the module in gedit, emacs and kate. is this normal and ok?



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