[sword-devel] Persian Bible module

Joachim Ansorg junkmail at joachim.ansorgs.de
Wed Jan 5 10:51:50 MST 2005

> Aout a year ago I wrote to a few of you - off the mailing list, I think, 
> that I might be able to get hold of the Persian Bible in txt format in
> order to create a module.
> It took over a year, but yesterday I was send an XML encoded complete Bible
> by a friend!! I understand it is unencumbered by copyrights by virtue of
> being >100 years old  - but perfectly readible and well in use today, but I
> will make more formal enquiries once I have a working module.
> So what next? I have no clue yet about module making.

In what XML format is the Bible encoded?

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