[sword-devel] BSTHebrew

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Wed Jan 5 07:47:57 MST 2005

The BST fonts come from Crosswalk's Bible Study Tools. They have a 
webpage at http://bible.crosswalk.com/OtherResources/BSTFonts/, with a 
little information. There's nothing about rights, but there's an email 
address you can write to.

The fonts themselves include a little information in their Copyright 

BSTHebrew Font , 1998 Media Management for Public Domain.  No Copyright.


BST Greek, 1998 Media Management, Public Domain

So, I would say they are genuinely placed in the public domain.


~* Soo Yee *~ wrote:
> Yeshiah Zalman,
> Hi, I am currently doing some research on fonts, and came across the 
> very commonly available BSTHebrew. I was wondering if the font is really 
> free, public domain as claim by most people, of if you actually have to 
> pay for it? based on your vast knowledge and research, it would be great 
> if you can provide me with insights as to the origin development info of 
> this particular font, including the author/company and year created. 
> thanks.
> Sue.....
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