[sword-devel] vc7.1 compiler error ... isdigit doesn't find ctype.h?

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Thu Dec 15 20:14:42 MST 2005

	Thanks for the report.  In an effort to remove dependencies (per our 
previous conversation a long while back), I recently surveyed every 
header file in sword/include and removed all unnecessary includes (I 
could reasonably find).  If isdigit is included in a cpp file which does 
not include <ctype.h>, the include should be added.  I had no compile 
errors with GCC, but that might be because another of its header files 
pulls it in.  I'm hoping to test the latest library with BCB 2006 in the 
coming weeks.  I'm sure I'll find some similar problems.  For now, if 
it's not too much trouble, I would suggest adding the includes necessary 
in your working copy.  My apologies for the troubles in the interim.


L.Allan-pbio wrote:
> With vc7.1 and a fresh/complete update of the sword-api from svn, I'm 
> getting a compiler error message about missing isdigit .... which I 
> suppose is related to a reference to ctype.h that previously was in some 
> "parent" file that was included???
> This happens with thmlosis.cpp and many other files.
> Am I doing something wrong? operator error on my part???
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