[sword-devel] Strong's numbers in Septuagint/LXX module?

Ted Walther djw at dnull.com
Fri Dec 2 14:54:34 MST 2005

On Fri, Dec 02, 2005 at 03:48:08PM -0500, DM Smith wrote:
>I think he wants the Greek Strongs number and the Hebrew Strongs number
>for each word in the Old Testament where the Greek Strongs number would
>come from the LXX. This really is a mapping between the Hebrew text and
>the LXX. I think that this makes more sense for it to be placed in the
>LXX itself.

Yes, you have it exactly!  But I'd like it keyed to the KJV.  I know
there would be a lot of NIH words, but not so many that it wouldn't
still be a useful tool.

The idea is to look up a word in the KJV, see how it was translated into
English from Hebrew Masoretic and Greek LXX.  Ideally I'd like to see
the same thing done for the Shem Tov mss of the book of Matthew too.

>These are all Greek strongs numbers. But the underlying text is Hebrew.
>Wouldn't the mapping make better sense here?

That would be a good start; I could work with that.  In fact that might
be more useful than trying to map the LXX directly onto the KJV.  I
could do an inner join type thingum to do what I want to do if that
Hebrew->Greek mapping data was available.


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