[sword-devel] osis

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 1 08:30:14 MST 2005

Lalremlien Neitham wrote:

> Hello, i am new to to sword and osis. can anybody please tell me how 
> to easily convert a raw bible text to osis xml?

If your bible follows the exact same verse structure as the King James 
Version and your file is exactly one verse per line (vpl) you may be 
able to create a module with vpl2mod and then osis from the module with 
mod2osis. I have not tried this before. You will need to create a conf 
file for sword to use the module. Once you have osis you can modify the 
file with your favorite text or xml editor to add additional markup. The 
osis web site has a manual for what is allowable in osis. Then use 
osis2mod to create the module.

You can get the windows version of these tools from here:

> i am planning to make a bible in my peoples dialect (not a very common 
> dialect/ language though the script is in Roman) that will be put up 
> online.
> thanks
> Lal

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