[sword-devel] Building under Windows

Greg Hellings greg.hellings at gmail.com
Sun Aug 28 20:43:08 MST 2005


I am trying to build the sword library using the free tools from Microsoft 
(free?! you ask - sure enough, the free VC++ toolkit). I am curious as to 
whether anyone else has prior experience at this task, and if so, if they 
have any guiding words of wisdom. So far I have made decent headway with 
using MinGW to run './configure CPPFLAGS=-DWIN32 CC=cl CXX=cl LD=link' but I 
have had to edit a few minor files by hand 
(src/utilfuns/win32/dirent.{h,cpp}, lib/Makefile, &c), but I don't know if 
there is anything I definitely ought to look out for. Thanks!

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