[sword-devel] host[ing] despite legality

Tim Hawes thawes at althusius.net
Wed Aug 24 23:56:41 MST 2005

Even better, why are we not backing the people who have provided us 
public domain texts? Why don't we help fund to get versions like the 
WEB, and RWebsters
into print (not just NT and Psalms). Then these versions could be more 
easily used in environments that are prohibitive electronically (i.e. in 
the sanctuaries of our churches, our prayer closets). I would much 
rather try my hardest to reward those who have provided God's people 
(and the Sword project) with gifts, than those who are still holding out 
for profits by panhandling the Word of God.

Is there still a forum available to us for these off-topic discussions? 
There used to be a newsgroup. Is that still being used? I would speek 
more freely in such a forum.

Greg Hellings wrote:

> While all of this discussion is very intirguing, it seems to be clear 
> to everyone now that the Sword developers want nothing to do with even 
> a hint of illegality that would surround creation of tools to import 
> copyright materials from other formats (a very sagacious position, in 
> my view).  Therefore, is there any attemt to talk with copyright 
> holders of texts like the NIV, NRSV, and others to see if they would 
> be willing for a Sword module to be available.  I would love the 
> ability to get a copy of Sword modules for texts such as those more 
> modern translations - either from Crosswire or directly from the 
> copyright holders and would be more than happy to pay for the fee that 
> such texts would cost, regardless of my thelogical position on 
> charging for the Word of God.  So what is the status of talking to the 
> copyright holders?  Is there any progress or do they all reject the 
> ideas out of hand?  Is there a way we could make the idea more 
> intriguing to them (i.e. offer to create a module in Sword format and 
> give it to them for holding and distribution, etc)?  Because it really 
> would be nice to have Sword modules of modern translations available - 
> either for hire or, through agreement, for gratis.
> --Greg
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