[sword-devel] Xhosa Bible Copyright

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 24 20:02:29 MST 2005

I did some poking around concerning xhosa. The most common name is 
"South African Tribal Bible" It was an olb module. It was maintained at 
http://www.answersingenesis.org/TheWord/Files/Bibles/xhosa.exe (now a 
dead link) and there were/are numerous links to it all over the web. The 
file existed there from June 6, 2001 until June 12, 2004. It was 
modified once during that time on Dec 19, 2002. You can get this 
information from: http://web.archive.org/collections/web.html

You might find the following site interesting: 
If the information on this site enumerates all the versions of the Bible 
written in the Xhosa language, then it is either over 140 years old or 
it is 10 years old.

Jonathon Blake wrote:

>A)  Who owns the copyright for the source text used in the Sword
>Project Xhosa Bible Module?
>"About" has the following statements:
>Xhosa 	Xhosa Bible  
>Xhosa Bible from the official OLB version.
>Further information is unknown. 
>Assuming that OLB is _The Online Bible_  http://www.onlinebible.net:
>i) They do not have a Xhosa Bible module;
>ii) They are not the copyright holder for any Xhosa Bible;
>B) From whom did The Sword Project get permission to distribute the
>Xhosa Bible Module?

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