[sword-devel] Encoding of module config files?

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 24 16:31:07 MST 2005

A thread around 2/14/2005 said that a conf in utf-8 would work, but that 
there were some problems if the file began with a BOM. Troy stated that 
the software should be changed to ignore it. Don't know if that was done.

I presume that the thread meant that it may be in cp1252.

With Java, it uses utf-8 internally, but will try iso8859-1 it is not 
utf-8. I does not try cp1252, which Sword uses in place of iso8859-1. So 
with JSword, we have assumed that it could be utf-8, which means that 
certain characters in cp1252 which could be in the conf are not supported.

It would be nice to know if the conf were utf-8 or not. If it is in the 
conf, then JSword would need to read the file 2 times. If it were 
external to the conf, then it would only need to read the file once (and 
the meta-conf file once).

Best yet, it would be great to convert all of the conf's to utf-8 and be 
done with it.

Joachim Ansorg wrote:

>I was just updating a german beta module and noticed a problem.
>I encoded the config file about section in utf8, because the module is in 
>Unicode, too. In BibleTime we load the config file as unicode if the line 
>Encoding=UTF-8 is in that file.
>The download page seems to assume latin1 as the config file encoding. That's 
>no problem for english modules but it needs to be addressed for other 
>What is the right encoding?
>I can fix the download script if unicode should be used.

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