[sword-devel] InstallMgr limitation

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Fri Aug 19 03:47:07 MST 2005

	I'm not sure exactly what you are saying, but let me repeat it and see 
if I kindof understand:

Someone is using an FTP proxy setup which doesn't allow them to list 
files on the remote server?  And you'd like us to support that setup by 
maintaining file list catalog files in each module directory.

If this is the case.  I don't think I am willing to support such a 
non-standard FTP setup that can't work with anything else.  How can 
someone really use FTP efficiently with any other server without being 
able to show file names?  I guess for grabbing a known file name, but 
that isn't really a functional FTP proxy.  InstallMgr works over FTP. 
If you want to use it, then you have to have working FTP access (via a 
proxy or whatever).  The work to maintain module file lists inside an 
extra file for every module (even though it can be automated) is more 
work that I am willing to do to support such a fringe setup.  What do 
you think?


Joachim Ansorg wrote:
> Hi guys,
> I noticed a limitation in the InstallMgr component.
> If the used FTPTransport instance uses a proxy then dir listing on the FTP 
> server are not possible if a http proxy is used (which is most often used, 
> IMHO).
> Is it possible to have .mod_listing (or whatever name does fit) for each 
> module in it's data dir which contains the recursive listing with the file 
> sizes?
> Joachim

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