[sword-devel] OSIS Commentary

Lynn Allan l_d_allan at adelphia.net
Tue Aug 16 21:39:47 MST 2005

A while back, I asked what might have been a similar question about
whether OSIS could be used to markup a sharing tract

The impression I got was that this capability was not yet possible to
do with OSIS 1.5 or 2.1, but might be in the future. I stared at the
specs and some examples for quite a while, and it wasn't apparent
which tags were appropriate, or if there were appropriate tags. But I
don't claim much experience or expertise in this area.

My (possibly uninformed) impression is that a sharing tract and a
commentary would be more or less equivalent as far as how a person
would go about preparing them with OSIS. If you figure out how to do a
commentary, please let me know.

(Note: AFAICT, there have been 17 threads on the osis list so far
during 2005)

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> What is the proper markup for a Commentary in OSIS so that it can be
> loaded as a Sword Module? As I looked at it, if I were to mark up a
> commentary as an OSIS Bible with the content about a verse using the
> <verse> and <chapter> tags, and make the ModDrv=RawCom then it will
> just fine. The only trick is to encode the osisID of the verse to be
> list of individual osisIDs of the verses to which the content
> In looking at osis2mod, I did not see anything else that would work.
> I missing something? Is there commentary specific markup? And would
> Sword recognize it?

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