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Wade Maxfield wmaxfield at gmail.com
Tue Aug 16 12:10:35 MST 2005

 OOPS!  I apologize.  The download link was for the Microsoft c# stuff
(and .NET sdk).

 The Free IDE is available at:


  I've used it. It takes some getting used to, but it works as it
should.  It is still in development.


On 8/16/05, Wade Maxfield <wmaxfield at gmail.com> wrote:
> Several things I've noticed:
>   1) Kylix is dead. I tried to get it to run on Ubuntu and had to give
> up.  (I've been playing with Linux since version 1.0)  I'm certain I
> could get it running, but it was too much effort. By extrapolation,
> the associated compiled files would break.  Even RHEL 4 is too much
> work (see Centos 4 for the unbranded version of RHEL4)
>   2) .NET is ECMA standard. It introduces C#, C++, VB, J# as managed
> code.  Managed code has no pointers and handles memory usage.  It
> compiles to MSIL (Microsoft intermediate language) and is
> interpreted/run with a just-in-time compiler on each platform.
> The engine to run .NET is called CLR (common language runtime).
>  3)     Novell has started a .NET implementation for linux called
> mono.  (http://www.go-mono.com).  It is in version 1.18, and actually
> works.
>  4) Windows Forms is being implemented for Mono by Novell.
>  5) You can get the .NET SDK for free from microsoft.    The sdk
> includes their C# compiler and Visual Basic compiler for .NET.  free.
>  6)  There is a free IDE for c# and vb.net at
> (http://www.c-sharpcorner.com/downloads.asp)  (it is GPL), but only
> works in windows.  It points you to all the download sites for the
> Microsoft stuff.
>  7)  The .NET standard is now supported by Borland.
>  8) The .NET standard is becoming available for Macintosh.
> Maranatha!
> wade

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